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Be unique - get your own logo

We are here to help you to be recognized on the internet. If you need a logo to expand your own business over the internet or maybe you want to have a unique logo for your social media profiles (such as YouTube) take a look at this offer.
We will create 3 different logos and then we will send you samples to chose 1 that you like most.                Here are some of logos that we already delivered to our buyers:

Logo #1  
Logo #2 
Logo #3

What you will get in our basic pack?

1. Your logo in 14 different sizes (PNG files)
2. Your logos in high resolution (up to 5000x5000 px)

Please note: Full pack includes basic pack + transparent logo + favicon + slogan on logo

Additionaly if you need only one thing you will chose Basic + Extra 1 option

What we need?

1. Business name or any name that you want to be included on the logo
2. Type of your business (hotel, winery, garage...)
3. Your email address for sending samples of logos
4. Optional: describe your idea of how to you imagine logo and we will present you our 3 solutions to choose one                                                               5. In case that you order extra, you will send us what extra you need: transparent logo, favicon or slogan

Logo options
Searching for referrals?

In case that you are need referrals you are at right place. With around 4 years in digital marketing industry we learn some secrets how to attract them.

Referral proof
Referral proof

Chose your pack and you will get international referrals with verified email addresses for your affiliate or referral link.

Please note:
- porn and websites that promote violence are not accepted!
- only for "free to join" websites

What we need?

1. Your referral link

Social media followers

Do you want to increase army of your social media followers? No matter if you need TWITTER or INSTAGRAM followers or you maybe only want people to join your FACEBOOK page, we have amazing offer just for your needs. It is simple; choose desired number of followers and we will take care of rest.

Followers boost
Followers boost

What we need?

URL for your Twitter, Instagram or YouTube channel profile or URL for your Facebook page


Dear joboglobists,
if you are interested that your website has own android application we have solution for you. Only requirements is that your website is mobile friendly

Our app short video

What you will get for 30$?

1. Your own website app similar from example video in apk file format (installation)

What we need?

1. Your website address
2. Logo of your website or business (if you have transparent one, it will be best)
3. Your email address (for receiving app installation)

Closer to Las Vegas - Shiny banner

Do you own business that you want to market over the internet or maybe you have an affiliate or referral link that you want to put on the website as a banner? We have a solution for you!

Our banner short video 
Banner #1 
Banner #2 

What you will get?

1. 3 formats of your banner: html5, amp, gif
2. We will create 2 different banner and you will chose one that you like
3. Also you can chose what type of banner do you want static or dynamic
4. One resolution that feet your needs:
300x250, 970x250, 970x90, 468x60, 300x1050, 851x315, 1200x628, 1024x512, 1080x1080, 200x200, 250x250, 300x600, 336x280, 728x90, 120x600, 320x50, 160x600, 320x100
5. embed code of banners included

Please note: If you need more then one resolution, you can buy it when you ordering

What we need?

1. Website name, business name or any other name with short sentences (max 3) that you want to add on your banner
*for example: Joboglobo (website name) + all legit websites that pay you + with payment proof
2. One resolution
(if you chose more resolution then one from our extras, please write that also)
3. Your website URL or your referral, affiliate link                                                      4. Type of banner that you want: static or dynamic                                                     5. Your email address for sending samples
6. Optional: your logo that you want to be included in banner

Banner option

Our email address is:

PLEASE NOTE: Once when you place your order, we will contact you via your PayPal email

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