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Surveys and offers chest

Do not search anymore! All worldwide surveys and offers are now at one place!

How it works?

- Sign up and get access to almost all survey panels and offers that you can find on the web. By the way, you will get 0.20$ just for joining! Cool, right? And best part is - payout is super fast via PayPal when you reach 1$.

Time is ticking away

Tick-tok, tick-tok... The equation is simple: you complete small, mindless tasks, and they pay you a tiny amount of money per task.


How it works?

-  There is so many ways to earn money here: Watch videos, Install free apps, Follow or unfollow people on Instagram, Take surveys, Vote in polls, Post on TikTok, Play games, Complete captchas, Purchase things on AliExpress or earn 3-5% commission whenever someone makes a purchase through your line, Watch slideshows

Experiments and studies

From this platform you can participate in many psychological/behavioral experiments and other studies from the worlds leading universities.

How it works?

- Fill your profile information and when test for you is available you will get browser notification

Test your luck

Two games, one aim: to make you richer. No fees, no strings, no nasty surprises.

How it works?

- Each day you log in, you’ll earn an extra ticket for the raffle. Enter the raffle by logging in at least once a week, or boost your chances to win seven-fold by logging in every day.

- Pick six numbers from 1–59 every week for their Lottery draw, every Saturday at 18:00 (GMT).

Fast fingers

Do you have fast fingers? Lets test them!

How it works?

- This website hire people to write and solve captchas for them

- They don’t ask for any experience. You only need internet connection and any device to work on.

Please note: If you want to work on this website you will need

ATTENTION! Cashback!

Do you shop online? Then why you don’t get commission for your purchases?

How it works?

- When you shop via their partner stores they will pay commission for your purchases

- Free payouts through Paypal and ACH (no minimum withdraw!)

- Over 4,400 online stores

Best earning website EVER!

Do you need better proof that is online earning possible? No risk and no investment! Over 12 years online!How it works?

- Earn cash for taking free paid surveys while influencing the next generation of products, services and much more

- Get paid for trying new products and services, downloading apps, signing up to websites, watching videos and more

- Earn by completing simple tasks from the comfort of your home. Earn bonuses and participate on their weekly contest

Serious job for serious people

This website is owned by data collection company that uses information to make machine learning programs act more “human-like”.

How it works?

Once when you sign up, you will be able to apply for project that will bring you money

- Don’t use VPN and fill your real personal information

Please note: If you want to work on this website you will need  

It comes with free shipping and it is free of charge wherever you are!

Be agent

Are you ready to become agent? Then investigate this survey website.

How it works?

- Sign up, finish some quick surveys and withdraw via Skrill or Paypal

Near to the future

This company work with multiple companies from small startups to public companies. Some examples include self-driving car companies and T-shirt startups.

How it works?

- Tag images. Transcribe audio. Moderate content. They have many interesting tasks for you to do! English fluency is the only requirement.

5 in 1

Have you already earned your first cents here with our help? We are glad to hear that! We have special offer for you!

For only 5$ you will get 5 more earning websites that legit pay you! That is only 1$ for each.!

Website 1
Website 2
Website 3 
Website 4
Website 5
  1. One website from this offer is geotargeted so maybe it wont work in your country
  2. We will send you email with names of websites on your PayPal email once when you made your purchase
Show your talent

Nobody likes to waste time. That's why this website empowers entrepreneurs to connect with pros who can help them do more with less.

How it works?

Almost anyone can find something to sell on this website and make some money from it. So, make your first gig and present it to buyers all over the world.

Daily small surveys!

Yes! Surveys can be fun, especially if they pay instantly on your PayPal or Payoneer account.

How it works?

- Sign up, enable all notification and once when they found survey you will get an update when a new survey pops up

Honey money

And now, something really sweet!            Buzzzzzzz!

How it works?

- This is mobile and PC application which, when turned on, allows to reach your unused internet’s full potential by making your device a gateway.

- You can use up to 3 different devices to increase your daily earnings

- You shouldn't feel any difference with their apps running in the  background

Star is born

Did you already met our new star?

How it works?

- Sign up as a publisher, MAKE mobile number verification and start earning today! You will get paid for every clicked advertising link.

Move forward and upload

Share your files all over the world!

How it works?

- With this website you can share all types of files such as documents, movies, music, archives, games, android programs etc. and you will earn commission every time when someone download them. Only thing that you need to do is to short your upload link and promote it.

- Tip: For best results you should off Adblocker


Are you scare of them? We bet that you will love these.

How it works?

- Paid surveys are what this website is mainly about. There are two types: normal and quickies. Once you sign up, you can get an overview of the available surveys. One great thing is that you can easily see the reward and the time it will approximately take before you start.


Businesses and researchers value your insights, knowledge, and experience, and we want you to get paid for your stories.How it works?

- Download the app, create an account, sign up for a “gig” and get paid for your time.

- If you include our referral code (predrag0007), that will get you an additional $5 once you complete a gig worth $10 or more. 

Earn with Mozilla

Do you use Mozilla? Then why you not give a try and earn some dollars as clicker?

How it works?

- Firefox extension detects the country of your IP address and instructs you what keyword to search, which website to click and how long to stay on page

-All of clickers are paid via PayPal once they reach the minimum threshold to receive their monthly clicker payout.


It’s shopping/selling time!

How it works?

- This is a marketplace where you can buy services that will cost lot more anywhere else and you can sell your services too if you can offer anything.

Refresh YouTube channel

Ready for powerful editing channel tool that comes with amazing referral program?

How it works?

- Sign up and add their browser extension which add a layer of amazing functionality right on top of your YouTube’s website.

- Also, you should participate in their affiliate program if you want to earn some money.

Surveys for patience

Not every survey can be a winner but hey, they pay!

How it works?

- Once you have signed up, you just wait for the survey invitations through email.

- It offers PayPal and Skrill as a payout option, and you can get paid once you have made $6.25

Only chosen ones

Cross your fingers that you are!

How it works?

- Get paid for participating in research studies! Their matching algorithm will send you research studies that fit your profile. You can also browse projects to participate in.

Are you from Serbia?

Great! We have an amazing survey website for you.

How it works?

- Fill your survey profile and after that, you will receive email messages when surveys become available for you.

- When you collect 1000 points you may ask to withdraw some of the prizes above.

Bookmark us! We are adding new websites weekly!

Free advice

For many people making money online would be an absolute dream come true.If they could find a way to make money with website or some other online venture, they could quit their jobs to focus on entrepreneurship, spend more time with their family and finally take back control of their time and their lifes.

So,what are most important rules if you want to succeed on this business field?

  • Never give up
  • Really like what you do
  • Take a risk
  • Work super hard
  • Focus on signal over noise
  • Be patient
  • Follow your instincts
  • You wont be richer over night
How to recognize scam?

✖ Sites with $100+ minimum — These sites usually offer higher than normal payments for simple tasks, with a high minimum to cash out. They are always scams.

✖ Generic news sites that pay you ridiculous amounts to read an article (two euros??) — Common sense should take care of this, but in case it doesn’t, it’s always a scam. The site is usually hosted somewhere in Eastern Europe, and you will never get paid.

✖ Free bitcoin sites/"faucets" (THIS INCLUDES QOINPRO) — This is not referring to those video-viewing/task sites (although they’re still paying fragments of a penny). I’m talking about sites that give you 0.000001BTC to fill a captcha (, dailybitcoins). Admittedly many beermoney sites pay low, but don’t even bother with these.

Stay safe!
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